Since starting to work independently in January last year, I’ve had a few pinch-me moments. They have obviously come with a lot of what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life moments, too (and probably many more of the latter than I would like to admit), but these pinch-me moments are what have really kept me going.

At the end of February, I was invited to the Burberry store re-opening in Geneva on Rue Robert-Ceard to watch the February 2017 runway show, view the collection and meet some of the members of the team. As a Brit and a big fan of the brand, it was such an honour to not only be invited to the event, but also to be dressed in Burberry for the evening. I was wearing a gorgeous lace top, a leather skirt and long black coat…all to die for.

Photos by Hannah Shan 

Burberry Geneva

Burberry Geneva reopeningThe looks on the Burberry runway were mainly monochrome, oversized, chunky and asymmetrical – all inspired by Henry Moore sculptures. I’ve actually been to a Henry Moore exhibition before so it was nice to have those memories as a reference and sort of think back to the sculptures and see where Christopher Bailey got his inspiration from.

This was my favourite jumper in the collection – Morgane and I were lusting over it!

Henry Moore is known for his sculptures and drawings which, from what I can remember, are normally abstractions of the human figure. The latest pieces in the Burberry collection were deconstructed with lines and seams pulling in unexpected directions.

Burberry jackets

Burberry coat

Burberry eventMorgane tried on the sculpted heel sock boots which were pretty dreamy!

Burberry shoesWe spent most of the evening browsing through the collection, trying pieces on and just talking about art and fashion. It was a lovely evening in such lovely company.

Burberry GeneveBurberry collection

I also loved having Hannah (who recently gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy) back with me shooting photos. She has that gorgeous mama glow :).

Hannah Shan

Sofia Clara
A big thank you to Burberry for having me and making me feel like a million dollars!

You all know that it’s not all grand hotels and wearing fantastic clothes, and I often talk about my Bridget Jones-esque fridge situations and months where I’ve had to count pennies to pay the rent; however, the more I work independently and live the struggles of a freelancer working here in Switzerland, the more I realise how important it is to recognise the little successes, the moments that make it all worthwhile and see them as signs that things are going in the right direction. This was definitely one of those moments. :)

Thanks for stopping by for a read! Have a wonderful evening. xS