This has to be my very favourite blog post to write at the end of every year. I love looking back on the year that has just gone by and getting excited about everything to come. 2016 was an exciting year as it was my very first year working independently, as well as the year that we opened Le Pointu. I felt like it was going to be hard to beat but this year took everything to a whole new level and looking back makes me realise that 2017 was probably one of my favourite years yet. There were ups and downs and whirlwinds of emotions (this is me we’re talking about, after all) but it was the year Clive and I started seeing each other, there was lots of travelling, out of this world collaborations with brands I couldn’t have even dreamed of working with, and the first year that I started to feel a new level of confidence about working independently. I am so excited about everything I’ve learnt and I couldn’t be more excited about the year ahead.

I have been sharing my New Year’s resolutions on my blog for a while now and I think that doing so really guides me. It’s something for me to look back at when I’m feeling a little lost for direction. So here’s a look back at my goals for 2017:

1. Not purchase any beef or products containing palm oil. I struggled with this one more than I thought I would. I didn’t buy much beef at all, but then again, I don’t eat all that much meat at home. I had beef while eating out a few times but my goal was not to buy any myself, and that was fairly easy. That said, I really struggled with cutting palm oil out. I didn’t quite realise just how many of the products that I use or eat daily contain palm oil. I mean, McVities Digestive biscuits, Nutella, Clarins beauty products, lots of detergents, and so many more of my day-to-day products. I became a lot more aware about the products that do contain palm oil and looked for alternatives. I also started looking into the sourcing of palm oil in the products. In general, I feel like I’m so much more aware of the amount of meat I eat and the ingredients in my food, beauty products and cleaning products and am consciously finding alternatives or trying to balance things out… except for perhaps McVities chocolate Digestives. If anyone can find a better dunking biscuit that doesn’t contain palm oil, I’m all ears.

2. Have a more minimalist attitude and shop more consciously. I really haven’t shopped much at all this year. Working with Eliette and Marieke who were trained by Marie Kondo totally changed my outlook on everything I bring into my home. I buy things I love and consequently, fill my house with things that make me happy. I have also loved getting to know smaller local brands and supporting them.

3. Eat at proper meal times. Safe to say I totally failed at this one. The only progress I have made is to write up a list of easy to make meals that are relatively healthy and so quick to make that I really have no excuse. Let’s call this a work in progress.

4. Post regularly on my blog. Those of you who have been following me for a while now will know that this is a recurring goal that I have yet to get very far with. That said, 2017 is probably the first year I made any progress and have been posting on my Youtube channel almost every Sunday for the last few weeks (except the Christmas period). Winning!

5. Give more gifts – be more thoughtful. I feel like this was a nice goal to have just as a little reminder not to get wrapped up in the day to day. Those little things that don’t take long do to, but force you to go slightly out of your way, are the nicest things to do. I loved sending gifts in the post after visiting friends, taking lasagne over to a particularly exhausted friend, sending post cards and all sort of just-because cards. None of those things are gifts of any value but they are perhaps slightly out of the ordinary and such a nice surprise.

6. Find a volunteer job. I started volunteering with the Red Cross in the spring time and it has been amazing. I volunteer for a few hours every week when I’m in the country. For the time being, this isn’t something that I want to talk about on my blog as it is still a personal journey that I’m on. That said, if you have any questions or are interested in knowing a little bit more about how to get into a volunteering job, or what the options are here in Switzerland, please don’t hesitate to send me a email. I’d happily to share more about my experience one on one.

7. Always have a holiday booked. This was a very happy goal to have to keep and it has been so nice to always have something to look forward to throughout the year. In 2017, I travelled to Beijing, New York, Washington D.C., Paris, Madrid, Lla Franc in the north of Spain, all around Andalucía in the south, Brussels, and London multiple times. Clive and I have a big trip planned for next summer and a nice ski trip coming up in January. I don’t think I’ll ever let this goal go.

8. Don’t let Christmas sneak up on me. This year I think I may have taken on a little too much work at the end of the year but generally, I really enjoyed the run up to Christmas. I had a tree up at Le Pointu on 1st December, had decorated my first Christmas shop window by the end of November, bought lots of my Christmas presents online ahead of time and spent the week before Christmas in London catching up with friends. It was a relatively stress-free Christmas time and I loved every minute.

And that’s it… my eight goals for 2017. Some were more successfully achieved than others but I still stand by the idea of physically writing down your goals if only just to keep them in mind. As usual, I’ll post my 2018 goals in a few weeks but for now, here’s my very favourite part: my photo highlights from 2017!

Moving into my new home in Lausanne. Watch the full moving vlog here.

After living roomSpending a night at the Beau Rivage Palace with Clive. This just as we were getting ready to go down to introduce Clive to my mum and her partner for the first time. It was the loveliest place for them to meet.

Beau Rivage Lausanne

Shooting all sorts of fun projects with Han and her little one who makes the very best assistant. Han is my first close friend to have kids and it is so amazing to see her little boy grow up. He took his first steps in my apartment and it was such a special moment. Full blog post of the shoot below here.

Spring in Lausanne

This out of this world spa day at the Hôtel des Trois Couronnes and some quality time with my Lilypad who has moved back home.

Swiss spas

Going to New York and D.C. with my bestie B and travelling around as we’ve always dreamed of doing. There were a lot of ridiculous games played as we walked around, and an embarrassing amount of skipping and singing. Read my full NYC guide here.

Joes Pizza NYC

Developing all of the smoothie recipes for BEAT Fitness and finding a gym I actually enjoy going to! These kind of collaborations are my very favourite and feel so natural.

Beat Fitness Sofia Clara

Brussels with my two besties and our boys. It was no nice getting to know my best friends’ boyfriends. Oh and fear not, I have now thrown out that ridiculously inappropriately short skirt.


Lunch break picnics and after work swims in Lausanne with Clive during the summer months.


My brunches at Le Pointu coming first in the Gault & Millau’s list of top 10 brunch places in Suisse Romande… probably one of my proudest moments EVER.

Gault-Millau Sofia Clara

Totally disconnecting and going offline for a week whilst on holiday in Spain with Clive and his lovely family.

Lla Franc

Collaborating with the most amazing brands including Intimissimi, Swatch, Hermes, Globus, Nespresso, HendricksBurberry and so many more.


Spending more time in London and finding all sorts of special places around town. I love this little flower shop in an ambulance that I spotted just outside Greenwich station.

Greenwich London

Decorating my first ever Christmas shop window!

Shop window decor Switzerland

Christmas time in London with Clive and buying our first Christmas tree together. 

Christmas treeChristmas with my family and this excruciatingly tacky fairy my Mum tied onto the tree with tinsel (sorry, Mum). There were 11 of us squeezed into a tiny flat so we could be close to my Grandpa. We had a delicious turkey lunch, mounds of presents under a mini tree decorated with baubles from every generation and still played all of our run-around family games. Christmas at its best.

fairyThere we have it – 2017 wrapped up in just a few photos. How did it fly by quite so quickly?

    I hope you are having a wonderful to the year and looking forward to the year ahead. Thank you all for following me via whatever channel’s you’ve been following. I feel so lucky to call this my job and am so grateful for your support. Lots and lots of love and the happiest of New Years to you all. Big bisous xS

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