In one of my last posts, I mentioned just how much having written down my goals helped me achieve them this year. I set 10 goals for 2016 from totally menial things to bigger professional objectives, and I wanted to take a second to look back before jumping into a new year.

Here’s a look at my 10 goals for 2016:

1. Do 15 squats every day: Until about the end of June, I did 15 squats every single day except for 2 days, mainly because I had someone holding me accountable who was also doing a similar daily goal. When that kind of fizzled out, I did it less regularly. I think this really goes to show that although I like independent sports over team sports, I really could do with a bit of encouragement or someone to go with. I’m going to keep this up though!

2. Eat more greens: This was an easy one as I just worked more greens into smoothies and got more creative with salads. I also cut down on meat a lot this year so naturally ended up eating more greens. This (or versions of that recipe) is probably the recipe I made the most this year, especially for quick lunches between meetings.

3. Wear more skirts and dresses: I’m not too sure this was something I actually wanted to achieve – I just wanted to not wear skinny jeans and a t-shirt so often and be more creative with my wardrobe but perhaps not necessarily through wearing more skirts and dresses. I’ve like playing around with fashion lots this last year.

4. Get artwork on the walls: This one was a good one and lots of fun to make. I made abstract gold wall art, these homemade prints, macrame hangers, a monthly wall calendar and put up a bunch of prints I bought online as well.

5. Stop hoarding: I am SO proud of my progress on this one. Over the year, I’ve really adopted a much more minimalist lifestyle, thrown away or sold all sorts of things that I don’t need or use regularly and made a conscious effort to buy less and focus on quality pieces both in my home and wardrobe.

6. Be consistent: This is the goal I struggle with the most because it’s really not in my nature (I don’t like routine) but I do really want to find a way to maintain a consistent posting schedule on my blog. Still lots of work to do here but I have got myself into a financial position where I can spend more time on my blog now.

7. Connect with readers and other bloggers: I talked about this a lot more in this blog post but I met so many fantastic regional bloggers through various press events this year and loved meeting readers at Le Pointu. Popping out of the kitchen between services is always the highlight of a brunch service and so many people jump up to say hi and introduce themselves. I love it.

8. Publish more video content: I have had so much fun posting on my Youtube Channel this year and am so excited to continue (hopefully more consistently) in 2017!

9. Be real: I don’t want to filter the content on my blog and I think although the visuals are obviously curated, my Peek at my Week posts have been a good way to show perhaps some of the darker sides of what I’m doing. And they are by far my most clicked posts!

10. Keep choosing happiness: Always! And this is more of a life motto than a goal for 2016. I always have this in the back of my mind for all personal and professional decisions.

That’s it and I really can’t tell you enough how just having taken the time to write them down made such a world of a difference. You should think about it for 2017!

I think I’ve just about decided on my goals for next year which I’ll share soon but before shooting off, I wanted to share a few of my photo highlights from 2016:

Opening Le Pointu with the team and all the support from you guys and the local press

DIY restaurant

Going back to Spain and the area where I grew up (blog post)


Learning about working independently (blog post)

Sofia Clara lifestyle blog

Taking part in the Rallye des Caprices (a women’s classic car rally) and coming first place! 

Rallye des Caprices

Making my apartment feel more like a home

Sofia Clara home

Cooking up endless storms in my kitchen – I mean, chia jam poptarts

make your own poptarts

DIYing all sorts of crazy stuff but this bath tray iPad holder is definitely favourite!

lifestyle blog

Going on my first press trip to Ascona

Sofia Clara lifestyle blog

Visiting Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre
Working with Hannah on all sorts of blog posts and going on endless coffee dates – she’s the best! This is one of my favourites.


Working with brands I love and visiting some amazing hotels – my visit to the Fairmont Montreux Palace was absolutely out of this world and definitely a highlight!

Fairmont moments

Helping out with the organisation of a wedding – I always dreamed of being a wedding planner when I was little

PatrasShooting with Jagoda for this interview and all the laughs

Sofia Clara

Going to London with my two best friends 

Christmas in LondonVisiting my brother in Seoul and spending Christmas together after 7 Christmases apart

Visit SeoulI can’t quite believe this year has come to an end. 2016 was my first year working independently – there were obviously highs and lows and some months I only just managed to pay the rent but I am so excited to see what 2017 has to bring! I’m excited about another year of choosing happiness and spending every working hour on projects I love.

I hope you take a second to look back at everything you have achieved in 2016 and seriously, if you’re setting any New Year’s resolutions, write them down. As silly and unimportant as it may seem, I can assure you than the simple act of writing them down makes such a difference!

I hope you’ve all got something lovely lined up for tonight (I’m so excited to be celebrating on the beach in Bali) and have a wonderful last day of the year!

Big bisous… and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xS