As you know, I’m in the midst of decorating the whole of my little apartment here in Switzerland. If you missed the moving-in vlog and apartment tour, here’s the link to watch it for a full look at the place. A lot has changed since filming that video, and I love how things are coming together, but there are still lots of little spaces that are completely unfinished.

When I moved in, I started by focusing the time I had available on making the living room liveable as it’s the space where people hang out when they come over, as well as being my work space. The bedroom is down some stairs and completely closed off from the rest of the apartment so I put the bedroom decor on hold until I had a bit more time.

I have finally started to decorate the bedroom and I thought I’d take you through the steps I go through when decorating (or redecorating) a new space.

Floral bed sheets

Take before photos of the empty space. Take a few photos before you start to fill the space with your stuff… yes, partially for the enjoyment of looking back, but mainly so you have photos of the clear space when you move out and have to find a new tenant. For some reason I don’t like the idea of posting photos of my decorated home on apartment rental websites or Facebook groups but I’m OK with showing the whole of the internet through my blog. Strange? Mm, a little. :)

Anyway, here’s the bedroom space I had to work with:


And this is the opposite side with the steps that come down from the main living area:

Empty bedroom

It’s a pretty small room so the first thing I did was measure my bed to make sure it would fit and take the measurements for my wardrobe.

Before even starting to fill your space with anything at all, think about a few things:

Know how you want the space to feel. I’ve always been one of those people who can’t sleep when my bedroom is a mess. I like fairly minimal decor and clean, uncluttered spaces. I also like my bedroom to be light, bright and airy and I knew I wanted a closed wardrobe to shut everything away and some extra storage space under the bed.

Learn from your previous home decor experiences. I have moved twice since starting this blog which means that I have photos of both places to show you. This is the bedroom in the last apartment I lived in (you can see most of the apartment in this post):

Pink bedroom ideasAnd this is the one before that (more photos here):

Sofia Clara - bedroom2

As you can tell, I’ve still got the same bed as I had a few years ago and can’t really afford a new one. I’m not crazy about this one anymore but I like that it’s high and off the ground and is the perfect height to use the window sills as bedside tables and push IKEA storage boxes underneath.

There are things I liked about about my two previous bedrooms but I think that they were both too clean, clear and unfinished and I’d like to add some more flea market pieces and rough the space I have now up a bit. I feel like they lacked character in the past. Thinking back to anything you didn’t like in previous places you lived might help you avoid making the same “mistakes” again.

Look at your most recent pins. I like to look back at my Home Decor Pinterest board and remind myself of the spaces that inspired me so I have them in the back of my mind. Almost all of the spaces I have pinned are bright and white with the addition of textured carpets, baskets and darker woods that add character.

Start by integrating the essentials into your space. When I moved in, I moved in the bed, a mirror, my blanket ladder and this old blue wardrobe.

Bedroom before

I recently ordered an IKEA PAX corner wardrobe in store which I got them to deliver and put together. I’ve never paid for IKEA delivery, or for the furniture to be mounted, but it was well worth it for this as the wardrobe had to be building standing up because there’s about 5 or 6cm between the top of the cupboard and the ceiling.

before bedroom white

Most of the corner cupboards that I’ve seen don’t make best use of the space in the actual corner of the room but this is such a good solution: you can get right into the back and have tons of extra space up top. As you may have seen in my latest vlog, I’m planning on personalising the wardrobe with mirrors on the outside and a few other ideas. A full DIY post will come soon.


PAX corner cupboardLive in the space. Once you’ve got the main furniture in place, live in the space for a little while to see what’s missing. I’ve got a little list of things that I’d like to find at flea markets including an extra bedside table for Clive when he’s here on the other side of the bed, a basket to put pillows in when they aren’t being used, a textured carpet and a few other bits and bobs.

Find a piece you love to inspire you. Once you’ve got the main furniture in place, pick a decor element to inspire you. I found these beautiful sheets on Grandes Marques, an online shop selling bedding and all sorts of home textiles, which I absolutely love. I love the combination of colours, the feel of the crisp cotton and the detailing around the edges.

Grandes marques bed sheetsThese sheets will sort of define the colour of the other things I bring into the room like prints on the walls, extra cushions, a carpet and stuff like that. I love that I have so many colours to play with.

Floral sheets

And that’s about as far as I’ve got at this stage. This is how the bedroom is looking:

How to decorate a bedroom

It’s very white and lacks much character but I have a little shopping list of things I want to find and a big cupboard DIY project that is very nearly finished.

My final tip is to make sure it’s cosy and functional but be patient and give yourself time to find or make pieces you love. Don’t just buy things for the sake of finishing the room; add things little by little so you end up filling the space with things you love and will actually use.

Sofia Clara decor

I’ll be sharing a video on my Youtube channel adding the finishing touches soon so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

I hope you liked this little peek into my home and I hope to see you back here soon! xS