My little apartment is slowly coming together and I’m beyond excited! It’s far from finished as I’m still working at my desk sitting on a rusty metal garden chair, don’t yet have a TV, have a couple of boxes in a corner that need to be unpacked and am still (yes, even after 2 months) finding my way to bed with the help of my phone’s flashlight as I don’t have a bedside lamp.

It seems that decluttering my wardrobe with the girls from Clarity really changed my mindset and I’m adamant to only have things that I love in the apartment… so much so that I won’t even buy a cheap bedside lamp until I find the right one. It’s a little absurd, I know. I do, however, have three new favourites in my home that I was decisive enough to pick out that I had to tell you about!

1. My new mattress from Eve Sleep 

This mattress is by far the best addition to my little pad! Firstly, it’s stupidly comfortable. The mattresses are made from memory foam which means they are firm but also just kind of mould around your body and hug you. There are no words. I blame these guys for too many lazy mornings since I moved in.

Eve sleep review

Secondly, one of the most annoying things about moving into a new apartment (especially if you’re on the third floor with no lift) must be trying to get your double mattress up the stairway. Eve Sleep delivered the mattress right to my front door, vacuum packed in a surprisingly small box. I unpacked the mattress, removed the plastic and the mattress just kind of took shape. Game changer!

Eve sleep
2. Decorative cushions from Artha Collections 

These hand-embroidered cushions and hand-woven banana leaf baskets from Artha Collections have replaced the cushions that I had on my old sofa. Like most people decorating on a budget, I have a lot of IKEA in my apartment and definitely needed some unique pieces to change things up. I got seven cushions and a few little baskets to go in my living room.

As well as their selection of stunning pieces, I also love what the company stands for. Claire and her mum Catherine, the two women behind Artha Collections, work with artisans around the world to create unique pieces aligned with their chosen aesthetic and style. They travel to meet the artisans, get an understanding of the way they work and work together to help keep the crafts alive.

Artha collections Sofia Clara3. My very own washing machine 

Forget having my name engraved on the little piece of metal above my doorbell or moving in to my own place, I totally feel like I’m properly adulting now that I have my own washing machine. I’m not even joking.

Unlike most Swiss apartments, my place doesn’t have a shared laundry room so I was either taking all of my washing over to my mum’s or spending hours at the laundromat. As much as I loved the idle chit chat with the old man in the laverie as I tried to read my book, I’m not going to miss the 13CHF wash and dry and awkwardly stopping to say hi to people in town while trying to pretend I wasn’t carrying two huge IKEA bags of dirty clothes.

I got the washer-dryer on Conforama and paid a little extra for the delivery and installation which was a really good idea as I quickly found out there was a little more than I expected to installing a washing machine.

Sofia Clara washing machine

Et voilà, a veeery little peek into my new home and a few things that have made my first two months in the apartment all that much more comfortable! I’ll be sharing lots more sneak peeks on here or over on my Youtube channel soon so make sure to pop back here soon.

Thanks for stopping by! Big bisous, xS