Hello Saturday! Hello brunch!

I’m a big breakfast person and love love love having more time to make a proper breakfast/brunch on the weekends. You all know I’m a big pancake person, but recently I’ve also really enjoyed preparing a mix of salty and sweet open sandwiches to munch on. And the prettier they are, the better.

flatlayI love the idea of making a whole load of these and having people over because it’s a pretty easy way to make sure there is something for everyone. You could use gluten free bread, make a selection of vegan options (like the avocado one and peanut butter one), ensure you have lactose free toppings, or add bacon for those meat lovers.

You have endless possibilities.

toast breakfast ideasHere are my three favourite breakfast toast toppings of the moment:

  • An avocado rose on hummus, seasoned with salt and pepper
  • Smoked salmon and radishes on a lime and dill quark. To make the spread, mix of 150g quark, 2 tablespoons of dill, a good squeeze of lime and plenty of salt and pepper to season.
  • Sliced banana on peanut butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon

open sandwichesAlso, what do you think of first attempt at an avocado rose?

I’m so excited about it!! It’s not quite perfect as I would like to coil it a little tighter so there is no hole in the middle but I’m still pretty chuffed with the result. Here’s an easy tutorial I found on how to make one in case you’re feeling the food geek vibes.

avocado roseLook how pretty these are!

toast toppingsI’d love to know what your favourite salty or sweet brunch toast toppings are!

Have a wonderful weekend. xS