As you know, I moved out of my last apartment a little while ago and am living in a temporary rental for now. The other day, I realised that I never really got the chance to give you a proper look around the old place. Hannah took some lovely photos for a recent feature with IKEA and I kept meaning to post them but felt like it was going backwards in some way and didn’t want to share old content. But so many of you have asked for a full apartment tour and to see how the DIY pieces fit into the apartment as a whole, so here it is!

Also, this was a home packed full of amazing memories and good times shared with M and I do want to remember all of the projects we worked on and the lovely home we had even though we’re no longer together and that period of our lives is over.

Before I move into my new place (in just a few weeks!!), I thought I’d share my 10 favourite DIY projects from around the old apartment and give you a little sneaky look around…

Sofia Clara IKEALet’s start in the entrance/kitchen…

1. Antique ladder shelf: this ladder shelf was in the hall way coming into the apartment. It obviously didn’t always look this “styled” and normally had coats hanging over it, shoes lined up below the bottom shelf and was just that place where you empty your pockets when you walk in the door. This is pretty much as easy as a DIY gets! Even if your main goal for this week is just watching movies or playing online games in best online casinos canada it is worth planning your time.

Ladder shelf DIY

2. DIY kitchen island: my all time favourite DIYed piece and probably the most used piece of furniture in the whole apartment. All you need to recreate this is two FINNVARD desk legs, some wood and a little time.

DIY kitchen island Sofia3. Vertical kitchen storage: this is a good one for kitchens that don’t have much storage space. You can use two FINTORP metal bars to hang bulky kitchen utensils from to save on drawer space.

DIY blogger Swiss

Moving into the living room…

4. TV corner unit: finding a TV unit that fits an awkward angle can be tricky but really, all you need is a few planks of wood and some concrete blocks. This was made from aerated concrete blocks but if you’re thinking of doing something similar, use proper concrete blocks instead of these as they tend to crumble a little which was a little frustrating.

DIY corner TV unit5. Gold frames: three STROMBY frames sprayed gold with some quick homemade stencils sprayed to make a few quick prints. You can obviously use whatever stencils you’d like and OK, its not hugely artistic but it worked in the space and well, I’ve got to wait a little before investing in artwork I really love. If you’re in a similar position and just want something homemade on the walls, this could be a good option.

Sofia Clara DIY

6. Abstract wall art: another idea to fill the walls – something a little more abstract. I love the texture on this.

Sofia Clara home



7. Three ways to personalise cushions: because all the cool cushions are stupidly expensive. Get your own 10CHF cushions and add some buttons or pompoms to them!Sofia Clara blog

8. Macrame hangers
above the bar: you can use macrame hangers in so many different places around the house. Click through for the full tutorial. I got sent so many photos from readers who made these! J’adore :).

DIY hangers Sofia

9. A blanket ladder made from an old garden fence: OK, maybe this one is my all time favourite DIY project. This is made this from an old garden fence and I love how the aged wood adds to the charm of the ladder. Also, it totally gets rid of that dreaded chair that we all have once-worn clothes hanging from.

DIY blanket ladder Sofia10. A half painted pink wall: I don’t have a full DIY post about this but it’s so easy to do and it’s a great solution if you want to add some colour to a rented apartment but want to avoid re-painting the whole room when you leave.

Sofia Clara home decorHere’s a better view of the half-painted wall…

Pink bedroom ideasAnd that’s it – a round up of my favourite DIY home decor projects in my old apartment. I’m looking forward to furnishing my new place and getting back to making stuff and finding creative solutions to fit odd little spaces. I’ve missed DIYing :).

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my old home! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day! xS